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ANAN Motor is specializes in uncovering personalised Vehicle Registration Number Plates that match peoples lifestyle in many different ways. Personalised Number gives your vehicle personality.

ANAN Motor is the place for you!  We have been helping our clients find their Special Number for over 5 years.  Our inventory is fast moving but we do constantly stocked with over 1,000 JPJ Number in hand to make your search fast and enjoyable.  We fully assist you for JPJ process at all the branches Nationwide.

Take a look at our monthly plate number listings, as we have carefully sorted our inventory into several different categories to help visitors scan through our inventory.  Contact us for any other Number search.

Interesting Malaysian Plate Number

1st Alphabet represent state. O and I are omitted from use due to possibility of mixing with 1 and zero. Z is for the Military Vehicle.

The 1st Kuala Lumpur Number issued with algorithm was W1 in 1974 till it reached WYY 9999 in September 2013. The Kuala Lumpur plate number series was expanded to an 8 character. Begin with the plate Number W 1 A until WYY 9999 Y is reached.


Registration Plate Letters of Peninsular Malaysia

A – Perak    M – Malacca    B – Selangor    N – Negeri Sembilan    C – Pahang    P – Penang

D – Kelantan    R – Perlis    J – Johor    T  – Terengganu    K – Kedah    W – Kuala Lumpur

Q – Sarawak     S – Sabah